Hello gents,

just a quick word of introduction for our new and small company piraca.
We specialise in hand made Batik pocket squares. Batik is an ancient form of wax resist dying which enables intricate patterns to be drawn and painted onto the cloth. The technique we use is Batik Tulis, which translates as drawn Batik, a method which originated in Indonesia. If you are interested you can have a look at our site, www.piraca.com, which explains in more detail and even shows our artist creating each square. Since every pocket square is hand drawn and painted no two are identical.
The designs we use are created by the local artists and craftspeople here in Borneo and some of those influences are expressed in the artwork.
At the moment we are still building up our collections and so are happy to get feedback from the visitors here on what you like/don't like/would like in future.

thanks for dropping by!