I dont know if you guys have checked out Blank Label for custom-made dress shirts but they are great. I have tried other shirts (like Modern Tailor) which have better pricing but the quality of Blank Label shirts is just better. Customer service is also very good with Blank Label. I highly recommend that everyone try their shirts. The quality of the threads are better, every single part of the shirt is customizable and they even come with metal collar stays. I personally enjoy spread collars on my shirts and their spread collars are done very well & can make even a four-in-hand look good (often they look awkward in such a large collar space).

Blank Label is offering $35 off your purchase of your first Blank Label shirt. Just click the link: http://www.blanklabel.com/invitation/r7e2a93

This is a standing offer, it does not expire.

Have anyone of you guys tried them before? What other companies have you tried?