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Thread: Polo fabric questions...

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    Polo fabric questions...

    I didn't want to thread-jack the recent thread asking about best polo to cost ratio but in there I saw some references to materials that I am not ashamed to admit that I have no idea what material goes to which name and suitable for what occasion and which material wears better over the other. I didn't see any threads - or stickies - that elaborate on this topic but if there is, my apologies for not looking hard enough!

    I'm hoping to get examples of the different Polo weaves/materials and any insight on the them that people can share. I want to try and understand the differences as well as the pros/cons based on people's experience. Most reviews on retailers sites rarely, if ever, have worthwhile extended reviews to help a buyer. For example- Here's what I know and have discovered:

    1) Land's End's Pima cotton seems like a super tight, extremely smooth weave and even though the tag says "100% pure" it seems like it has a little elasticity to it giving it a nice fitted look. Downside, the black color collects and shows lint easier than the lighter colors.

    2) Tommy Bahama's Tencel/poly blend (How can Tommy Bahama sell these shirts for so much?) doesn't seem to shrink, remains soft, keeps its color and is a little like teflon since nothing seems to stick to it like the Pima cotton. Downside, it's baggier, extremely expensive (for a polo), not as fitted as the Pima cotton and it's all synthetic weaves (good looking synthetic ... but synthetic none the less), the heathered look and weave seem very casual (it is Tommy Bahama after all)
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