I know some of you live in the Bay Area, so hopefully this is a helpful post. I was at Marshalls in Mountain View for 30 minutes yesterday and I went through as much of the mens sections as I could in that time. They had quite a few ties from Brooks Brothers (made in the USA!) ranging from $15-$20, Polo Ralph Lauren (made in Italy) for around $30-$50, and there were 2 Isaia 7 fold ties on clearance for $50. I also saw some Versace ties if anyone goes for that sort of thing. There was also a Polo Ralph Lauren pocket square and I saw a Billy Reid button down collar casual shirt made in Italy for $40 in the clearance section. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go through the dress shirts or belts. I took a quick glance at the shoes and noticed that there were a lot more PRL shoes than usual, so that might be worth a shot.

There was also a section with grey Levis trucker jackets in XL and Levis jeans in a wide variety of sizes.

Is there already a thread for stuff found in store like this? If so, hopefully this post can be moved to that and the thread can be deleted.