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Thread: Field Notes at JCPenney - on sale too!

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    Field Notes at JCPenney - on sale too!

    Hey fellas, just in case it hasn't already been mentioned around here, I stumbled upon some Field Notes products at a local JCP. Initially I just saw the steno flip pad, which albeit cool in its own right, doesn't lend itself to carrying in a pants pocket... Or so I *hope*.

    But then, I noticed a few 3 packs of their smaller memo notebooks - faves among some of us around these parts.

    They were marked $10, as JCP's everyday price, but they rang up at $7, as noted on their site.

    I snagged a set of each color available; that sky blue and that bile green, or whatever. OK, truth be told, I don't know what hue bile actually is, but that's what came to mind. So there ya have it.

    Regardless, that's pretty cheap for some Field Notes, and especially nice to see them in store, locally, at a store other than J.Crew.

    A downside is that you don't get any of the cool freebies thrown in, like you do when you order them from the Field Notes site directly. No pen, pencil, button, or "band of rubber." Still nice to add to your collection of these notebooks, or maybe to start one.

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    I think the Field Notes are on clearance (seasonal gifts), so quantities will probably be limited to stock on hand.

    There is still stock online though: Steno Pad, Graph Paper notebooks.

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    pretty sure these are cheaper at the BX for anyone able to access a military base. I can look into snagging a bunch if there's enough interest...

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